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  • Yes, DiveLog runs on Snow Leopard — Mac OS X 10.6
  • Version 1.4 is now in beta test. This version has added support for the Suunto Cobra 2 dive computer. More new features will be added before version 1.4 is finalized.
  • Want DiveLog for your iPhone? More Mobile Software has released Dive Log as an app through the iPhone store. It is possible to transfer dive information between your iPhone and DiveLog on your Mac. Better synchronization will be built in to DiveLog soon.
  • Version 1.3.2 is released, 21 February 2008. This is the preferred version. This contains only minor bug fixes from version 1.3.


  • Keeps a logbook of key information about each of your dives
  • Downloads profile information from your Suunto dive computer
  • Computes your equivalent surface air consumption rate for each dive, as well as displaying tissue compartment saturation levels and NDLs for each point during a dive.
  • Keeps track of your dive gear and reminds you when it is due for service
  • Organizes pictures relating to each dive and can present slide shows
  • Can print out information in a format suitable for adding to loose-leaf log books from PADI and SSI
  • Can import data from Suunto Dive Manager for the PC (versions 1 or 2)
  • Self-contained program written in Java - does not modify your system or load any additional libraries

Current Version

Supported Hardware

  • See detailed information
  • Computers - all models of PowerPC and Intel Macintosh
  • Operating System - OS X version 10.3 or later. Tested on 10.3.3 through 10.6.1. Will probably work with version 10.2, though we haven't tested that.
  • Dive Computers - many Suunto computers: D9, D3, D6, Stinger, Mosquito, Gekko, Cobra, Cobra 2, Vyper, Vytec, Vytec DS. DiveLog does not currently support the Vyper 2. ReefNet Sensus Ultra data logger. See the complete list.
  • Serial Cable: works with Suunto USB cables as well as the older Suunto serial cable and aftermarket cables from Custom Idea and SmartInterface. See the complete list .
  • If you use a serial cable, you need a USB to Serial Adapter - It should work with any adapter that has a Mac OS X driver. We have had the best reliability with the Keyspan PDA Adapter. See the complete list .

Mailing List

Please sign up for the Divelog-Announce mailing list to be notified when new versions are available.


To report bugs or make suggestions, please email divelog@actwin.com.

See the complete release notes for each version.